GumUI is the best game UI layout tool

Powerful WYSIWYG Editor

Gum UI Editor includes advanced layout functionality to create and preview your game’s UI

Object Oriented Design Focused on Reusable Controls

Gum allows the creation of components which can be instanced and customized in screens and other components

Gum Objects Support Multiple Size and Position Units

Adjust an object’s origin, position units, size units, and stacking to create fluid UI

Simple Integration with any MonoGame Project

Grab the NuGet, add three lines of code, see your Gum project  in game!

Interact with Gum in Code

Gum objects can be created and modified in code. Create fully-featured UI by subscribing to common UI events.

Need Help?

Gum is actively maintained and provides lots of ways to get answers. Check our Documentation, join the Gitter Chat, create an issue on Github, or use the gum-ui tag on Stack Overflow.